Like Frank Chimero, I recently bought a 13″ MacBook Air. He’s happy with the decision, and so am I. (There’s a neglected, company-issued iPad sleeping day-and-night in the corner of my living room, stirring only for the occasional push notification.) Chimero also goes into great length about his setup, which is one of those things, like interior design and typography, that I like to obsess about in theory but not in practice.

Really, though, I’m linking to the post for his long list of Mac software, much of which I’m downloading right now. It reminded me how much I now rely on web apps for work that used to start in the Dock. But native software is cool, too, and maybe this shiny new laptop — and, of course, the Mac App Store — will inspire me to dot-dmg.

So here’s some of the non-system software I use every day:

Many other of my mainstays — Photoshop, Dropbox, Skype — are also on Chimero’s list. He says he doesn’t really use iWork; I decided to forgo it entirely on this machine, though I’ll probably end up buying Keynote for $20 now that Apple’s productivity software is a la carte.

If you have Mac software you think I’d like, too, please let me know.